IT Audit

Organizations are making every attempt to fortify their environments with firewalls, encryption techniques, and other preventative measures, yet they remains susceptible to outside attack due to increasing sophistication of criminal activities and their tools.

Statistics shows that most organizations have control weaknesses, which is the reason why they rely on security audit to identify these vulnerabilities, analyze them in a business & IT context and build a strong security posture to thoroughly protect your organization.


Our information Systems Audit practice is dedicated to helping our clients to analyze business processes so we can identify ways of improving performance and efficiency while managing financial and operational risk.

We will help your organization run through the entire ISO security check including, but not limited to:
 Network infrastructure management
 Physical security management
 Privacy and Record management
 Incident management
 Disaster Recovery
 Access management
 Asset management
 Configuration and Change management
 Third party management

In addition, we will help to:
 Identify the risks your organization is exposed to through our strategic risk assessment service
 Evaluate the impact the risks would have upon your business
 Communicate and help you to understand your risk appetite
 Determine an appropriate response for each of the identified risks
 Implement effective risk management policies and procedures