Move from On-Premises ERP to Oracle ERP Cloud

I’m often asked why organisations should take advantage of this generational shift in computing enabled by the cloud. Of course, there’s the unleashing of organisational potential and productivity that the new model of computing delivers; but perhaps more pragmatically, there are 5 incredibly strong reasons:

1. To make your organization future-ready.

On premises software was not designed to enable you to respond to today’s accelerating pace of change. Oracle ERP Cloud is built on machine learning and is part of a truly modern cloud suite for the enterprise. Designed for the cloud from the ground-up, the Oracle Cloud is extensible and flexible — enabling you to easily take advantage of new technologies such machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, intelligent process automation (IPA), the Internet of Things, new human interfaces and much more.

Watch this video to see the CFO of tomorrow — then read on for the rest of the “5 Reasons.”

2. It’s the last upgrade you will ever need.

Frequent easy-to-adopt updates to Oracle ERP Cloud mean you’re always up-to-date and able to take advantage of continuous innovation. Lengthy, disruptive upgrade cycles are a thing of the past. Plus you’ll benefit from unprecedented security, improved flexibility, built-in analytics, and the ability to answer “what-if” questions with Oracle EPM Cloud, to help you deliver better decision-making across the entire organization.

3. The business value is compelling.

Oracle ERP Cloud customers enjoy faster implementation times with less business disruption and higher business value. Caesars Entertainment transformed Finance in 10 weeks. APN Outdoor transformed traditional billboard advertising and Payscout can compress transaction flows from consumer purchase to merchant payment receipt within minutes.

4. The economic arguments are overwhelming.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) with cloud is 52% less than on premises applications, according to Nucleus Research. Return on investment (ROI) is 3.2 times that of on premises. And the risk of technology obsolescence (RTO) is totally eliminated.

5. Oracle has made the upgrade to the cloud easy.

Oracle Consulting and thousands of Oracle partners worldwide have created affordable upgrade service packages available today – making the move to Oracle ERP Cloud simple and fast with minimal business disruption.

By: Steve Cox

Group Vice President, Cloud Business Group, Oracle

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